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Three Tips to Make Your Travel More Affordable

Traveling has become the lifestyle hype of the 21st century. Many countries have been more open to tourists, today’s technology has encouraged us to explore more places. As a result, traveling is no longer a privilege of the rich. However, some people seem to be reluctant to believe these facts. Therefore, this article is here to change your mind. We’ll convince you that you can visit new places all around the world without having to drain all of your savings.

Bike Your Way Through

Although this idea may sound too extreme, you can definitely do it since there were others before you! Ben Page, Mark Beaumont, and Scott Stoll are the names you need to learn about. Ben Page stated that his entire journey cost him around $13,000. He explored the world with little equipment, no preparation, and only his gut feeling. And according to, you can go as low as $75 per month if you earn money locally during your travel.

As for the bike, you do not need to be concerned with fancy and expensive models.

Monitor Your Expense Thoroughly with an App

Trabee, Expensify, and TripMate are the top three apps to help you monitor your cash flow during travel. You must bear in mind that many people tend to ball out because they believe in that infamous You Only Live Once (YOLO) philosophy. There is nothing wrong with that leniency, of course, as long as you have the budget. But if you are to choose between spending all the money you’ve got for one trip only and traveling with frugality in mind so that you can make another trip next time, then it would be wise to pick the second option.

It is vital to control your urge to buy things because the temptation will be certainly there. Therefore, plan your travel expenses in advance and stick to it.

Avoid High Seasons

June and August are the high seasons in the tourism industry throughout the world. If you live in a four-season country, then the idea of traveling by October to March will sound like an outlandish idea, but what if your destination is in the tropical regions?

If you’ve never been to South East Asia, then that place must be on your travel list during the offseason. You can still get tanned while avoiding the crowd.…

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Valuable Tips for Running a Race for Charity

It might be that period of the year where you have started thinking of some of the goals that you have not accomplished. As you are preparing to start another year, you should at least highlight some of the critical areas where you should concentrate or participate for the sake of helping others who are not able. All over the world, we have sports non profits program that you can decide to join if you are planning to participate in charity activities.

If you have made up your mind and you will be participating, then you need to know the critical tips you should consider if you will be running on this race or sport. If it is your first time, the experience you will get will be rewarding, and you will later accomplish your goals. Once you donate your time to engage yourself with such activities, it can motivate you to train harder and be assured that you will make it in life. But selecting the right charity can be tedious work, and below are the tips that will help you to get started.

Trusted Charity Programs

Nowadays, we have a hundred charities all over that organize for running races or programs. Due to this reason, it can be a challenge to find the right one that you can support. To start with, you should identify the best activity that you are passionate about and then make sure that you select a charity that makes a difference in this area. By doing this, you will motivate many people to contribute more, especially if you explain to them the few reasons that made you invest in a given cause.

Connect a Friend

volunteersYou do not have to do this on your own. You can recruit your friend who will be helping and motivating you to go on training runs. You can recruit many friends as you can, provided they are trustworthy and ready to help in hosting a fundraising event. Once they join the program, you can now set goals that each member should reach.

Find Out Ways to Contribute

Running a race for charity might be a common way of showing love and support to the organization that you lobe. But still, we have many options that you can consider using depending on the terms and regulation of various organizations. Therefore, you can organize with the institution, and you will find the available options that you can consider.

Set the Goals

Once you have found the options that you can use to contribute to the organization in question, it’s time to break down the total amount of money you want to raise for this institution. After you have identified the exact amount of money you need, the next big step is to get out there and ask people for money. You can look for effective ways of rallying this information to thousands of people if you want to achieve your needs. By doing that, you will raise the money …

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